Capital District staff moving to mobile offices to use resources more efficiently


Hudson Solar will be moving its Capital District staff to mobile offices to use resources more efficiently. The area will be serviced by local employees, rendering no change to service area or customer service capabilities.

Hudson Solar’s mission is to positively impact the sustainable energy future of its local area. Part of creating that future involves switching our energy production to clean sources like solar, but it also means reducing consumption and being as efficient as possible with our non-renewable sources of energy.


Hudson Solar has already led the field in this area by designing and building the northeast’s first Zero Net Energy Commercial building, their Rhinebeck headquarters. The company furthered this commitment by making sure their office expansion in Albany used solar energy. However, after a recent review, they found this office was using more resources than necessary for its operations, both in terms of the office’s needs compared to its output, but also in terms of the energy required to bring employees to a central location.


Remote working and remote office set-ups allow Project Managers to meet customers where they can be most helpful, at a customer’s site. Avoiding an energy-intensive commute into a centralized office not only saves money, time, and CO2 emissions, but also improves employees’ lifestyles. Hudson Solar employees have asked for this flexibility in the past and are excited to be able to work from their homes in the Capital District, avoiding taxing commutes.


“We believe in putting the planet, our employees, and our customers’ happiness first at Hudson Solar, so moving our Capital District staff to remote offices was an easy decision to help us stay true to our mission,” says Jeff Irish, president of Hudson Solar. “With this change, we are improving our employees’ comfort by allowing them to work from home, as well as reducing our resource consumption. We look forward to serving our customers in the Capital District more readily and efficiently with this modern approach to a work-life balance.”


The Wolf Road office will remain open for a few more weeks. After that time, employees will continue to serve the Capital District from home offices in the area. There will be no change in installation area or customer service capabilities.


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