-written for Hudson Solar by Marybeth Cale, 12/18/13


Tucked beautifully within the rolling hills of the pristine Hudson River Valley, discreetly serving as powerhouses for residences and businesses, solar energy systems are becoming symbolic of the region’s commitment to social responsibility, environmentally friendly practices, and ongoing economic development. Solar energy has been growing in popularity for residential customers for many years, and now, Hudson Solar, based in Albany and Rhinebeck, reports that large corporations and organizations are also embracing the tremendous financial and environmental benefits of installing solar systems. The explosion of jobs within the solar industry, the decreasing cost of the systems themselves, and the ability to quantify reduced dependence on fossil fuels are all proof-positive that moving to solar energy is, simply put, just the right thing to do.


Recently, Hudson Solar designed, installed, and turned on the largest solar installation in Central Hudson’s territory, an area that covers most of the Hudson Valley. The 456-kilowatt project boasts projected cumulative savings of over $1.9 million over the next twenty-five years, and the environmental impact is equally impressive. In that same 25-year time period, approximately 1.1 million gallons of oil or almost 6,000 tons of coal will be spared, and well over 12,000 tons of carbon dioxide will not be emitted into the atmosphere. This, among other large-scale projects, clearly illustrates an exciting new shift in the energy paradigm – harnessing the power of the sun for the sustainability of all types of entities, from small single-family homes to large corporations and sprawling educational campuses.


“According to Central Hudson, this recent installation, completed at a religious and educational community in the Hudson Valley, is the largest project any solar energy provider has brought to fruition in Central Hudson’s territory. It is even larger than the solar systems of our area’s biggest box stores, including Stop & Shop and Wal-Mart. It is an extraordinary powerhouse that will not only provide tremendous return on investment, but will serve our environment well for years to come. We are really excited about it, and truly hope that it inspires others to explore the possibility of moving to solar”, stated John Wright, Vice President of Hudson Solar.


The commercial project is just one of many popping up all over the region. Hudson Solar has also been successful in the large-system competitive bidding program with NYSERDA for several other sites, including systems in both Columbia and Ulster Counties. “As others hear about the potential for savings, and realize just how much they can support the health of our environment, we expect the volume of projects to increase dramatically in every county”, stated Wright.


The completion of the project at the religious and educational community, as the largest one on record for Central Hudson, comes on the heels of increasing debate at the state level about expanding incentive programs for both commercial and residential solar energy installations. The NY-Sun Initiative, which allows for 2200 MW of solar energy to be installed throughout the state of New York with $150 million designated for funding these projects, is also promoting job development and decreased dependence on fossil fuels. The program has been a real boon for the industry, which now employs over 3,300 people in New York State, and according to the Solar Job Census 2012, 119,000 employees nationwide. The national figure reflects a 13.2 percent increase over employment within the industry in 2011, especially notable given the context of unprecedented economic times following the country’s “Great Recession”.  As new state programs are implemented, thousands of new jobs are expected to continue to pop up within New York State’s growing solar energy industry. The NY-Sun Initiative will drive industry growth by reducing costs of the systems and broadening incentives for those who choose the solar energy route.


“It is pretty gratifying to know that by designing and working on the installation of the largest solar energy system in Central Hudson’s territory, we at Hudson Solar have been (and will continue to be) part of a major milestone for our region. It is really exciting to see our home state take a lead role in the growth of the solar energy industry within our country”, stated Wright. “As people begin to experience the tangible and intangible benefits of making the move to cleaner, healthier, smarter energy sources, we expect that our business will grow exponentially. We look forward to creating more jobs, and building on the economic growth and environmental impact for our region. It is an exciting moment in American history, and we are thrilled to be bringing these incredible systems to the public”.


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Hudson Solar is a local, family-owned solar provider based out of New York, and a proud employer of military veterans. This year they are celebrating their 10th anniversary with 1,000 systems installed. Serving New York, Western Massachusetts, and Southern Vermont, Hudson Solar is the leading solar energy company in the region. They take great pride in offering the best quality and service, and back it up with years of experience and numerous awards. For more information, please visit or call 866.452.7652.

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