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 ”I was impressed with their experience and they gave me a long list of references to back it up.  When I called the US Army at the Stewart Airport, they recommended not only that they LOVED Hudson Solar for the system they already installed but they were going to have a Second system put in.  I figured I’m not going to get a better reference than that, that is a reference you can march by.”

– Kiss MY Face, Gardiner, NY

“Installing the 60-kilowatt PV electric system offsets over half the energy required to operate our office area. It was a pure economic decision, with tax rebates and incentives, our upfront costs were greatly reduced. Our expected payback from time of installation is around 5 years.”

                        – Selux Corporation, Highland, NY

“I am writing to recommend the services of Hudson Solar. Their work is of high quality and we are extremely satisfied with our system. We would highly recommend Hudson Solar to any business.”

- Lisa, Arnoff Moving & Storage, Millerton, NY