Solar 101

How Solar Works

Your solar system can do more than just power your home. Extra electricity generated by your system will be fed back into the power grid, helping the environment and lowering your energy costs at the same time.

How Solar Works?

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1) Sunlight Hits the Solar Panels

Sunlight can become usable electricity in a few simple steps. The sun’s rays hit solar panels where the energy is converted into DC power, the type most commonly used in batteries.

2) Inverter (DC to AC)

The inverter turns direct current (DC) produced by the solar panels into alternating current (AC), used by the utility grid and your household appliances

3) Clean Energy for Household Use

Solar energy produced helps offset your electricity consumption at home

4) Electricity is Sent to the Utility Grid

A meter measures the energy generated and consumed. Any excess power generated by your system goes back to the grid. You receive credits for this electricity that you can use at night.



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