Solar for Non-Profits & Government Facilities


In the non-profit industry, every dollar counts—and there’s no better way to maximize your bottom line than by installing a solar energy system. Alongside reducing your energy costs, you can demonstrate environmental stewardship in your community by creating your own clean power. With the unique needs and challenges of the non-profit industry in mind, we can design a high-efficiency solar system for your business, all while keeping your upfront costs reasonable.

Government Facilities

From police stations to entire cities, solar energy is a great solution for communities looking to make a difference. Government agencies at all levels can utilize solar energy systems to cut costs and make a positive environmental impact. As community leaders, governments and municipalities that show confidence in solar by using it themselves will encourage residents and local businesses to use it as well.

  • Reduce or eliminate monthly electric bills
  • Lock in electric rates
  • Sell back unused power through net metering
  • Add resale value without raising property taxes
  • 25-year warranty protection
  • Roof, ground and pole-mounted systems available

Best of all, over 50% of the total cost of the system can be covered by government grants and incentives. There are several financing options available, so give us a call at 866-452-7652 for more information.

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