Solar for Your Car

If you own an electric car, we know you’re dedicated to leading a green lifestyle. But if you’re still charging with electricity generated by fossil fuels, you’re not maximizing all the environmental and financial benefits of your vehicle. Hudson Solar can design and install electric vehicle charging systems for your home or business, allowing you to drive completely emissions-free while dramatically reducing your energy bills.

Charging with solar means utilizing clean, reliable power.

There are plenty of great reasons to charge your vehicle with solar:

  • Reduce dependence upon fossil fuels
  • Lock in a low, fixed utility rate
  • Reduce your cost per mile
  • Maximize the environmental benefits of your electric vehicle

By offering you a free consultation, we can help you assess your needs and build the system that will work perfectly for you. Our systems are compatible with most electric vehicles, and we’ll ensure your system is in compliance with electric codes and automotive standards. For more information, send us an email, or call our office at 866-452-7652 with any questions.

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