Sunny Days for Hudson Solar

Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce — Wednesday, July 1, 2015


If you’re looking for an experienced solar design and installation company, it’s hard to find one more qualified than Hudson Solar. The company has installed more than 1,100 solar systems.

“We install roof, ground and pole-mounted systems for homes, farms and businesses,” says Madeline Brydges, Hudson Solar’s marketing coordinator. “With over 10 years in the solar industry, Hudson Solar has the expertise and experience to design the perfect, custom solar system to fit your needs.”

Hudson Solar has locations in Albany and Rhinebeck and its motto is “Reliable Power, Real Savings.”

“We pride ourselves on being the most experienced local company around and we plan on being here for our customers for the long haul,” Brydges said. “We are active in the community and we want to lead our region in the shift to clean, secure energy generation.

“We have continuously designed and improved our systems to meet the unique needs of this region and its climate so that they will perform reliably over the long term and deliver customers the true long-term value they deserve and expect.”

Brydges said a Hudson Solar installation should last more than 25 years “and if anything goes wrong, we want them to be repairable.” Unlike many national solar companies, Hudson Solar does not sell low-quality panels from China.

“We do not use low-cost products that are made in unreliable countries,” she said. “We also will not use new products from new start-up companies that are not proven and whose technology may not be reliable. We choose our vendors carefully and only work with the most reputable, bankable companies.”

Brydges said many of the national companies have been around for less than five years and Hudson Solar is not sure if their panels will last.

“We are very careful about the partners we choose to work with,” she said. “We’re a privately held company, so we don’t have to answer to shareholders.”

That kind of customer service is obviously working because most of the company’s referrals come from word of mouth.

“So making customers happy is our top priority,” Brydges said.

Hudson Solar dedicates a project manager and an installation manager on each project, Brydges said.

“We also get feedback that our installation teams are the most meticulous crews around,” she said. “We do follow-up surveys to make sure our customers stay happy once the project has been completed. All of the small, extra efforts frequently result in really wonderful reviews.”

Some of those reviews can be found at biz/hudson-solar-rhinebeck and

Brydges said the state has been “very supportive” of the solar industry and that has helped the company through tough economic times.

“We have been able to continue growing, although a little more slowly, through the Great Recession three to five years ago,” she said. “We’ve been consistently hiring over the past two to three years, and right now we are experiencing a surge of orders, so we are also looking to hire more installers to fulfill that need.”

The company’s owner, Jeff Irish, is an electrical engineer who developed an interest in renewables from an early age. He went on to earn an MBA from Harvard and worked 15 years for General Electric, all the while keeping an eye on the cost of solar electric.

As solar costs went down, Irish thought there might be a market need. In 2002, he installed solar panels on his barn.

“Someone from a newspaper saw it and interviewed him about it,” Brydges said. “The phones started ringing and a business was born.”

Brydges said Hudson Solar believes in being active in the community and joining the Chamber “is a great way to meet other like-minded professionals.”

“Chamber memberships have helped to expand our name in the area and it also has helped us learn from other successful business leaders,” she said. “We are always happy to support other local companies who are part of the Chamber.”

Hudson Solar, located at 13 Hook Road in Rhinebeck and 125 Wolf Road, Suite 301 in Albany, can be reached at (866) 452-7652 and

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